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I am one of those people that sees the movie in my head when I read. All the characters have voices and everything is in color. I know that not all people are like that. And while I'm happy with the cover I did for Lennamore, it just wasn't possible for me to make a scene from the novel come to life. I had a deadline to meet. And my lack of artistic ability has proven to really hamper the quality of my doodles. But reading a story is one thing and seeing that story as artwork is something different entirely. It seats everyone at the same table. We all experience the same visual.

I couldn't let go of the idea that I wanted an illustration for Lennamore. But where would I get one? I knew a handful of people in the art community, but most of them were landscape painters. I was lucky enough to meet, through a friend, The Brass Glass over at They did a wonderful rendition of Magda in the goblin fight and were incredible to work with. This is one of the most dramatic scenes in the book and my first choice for illustration. But bringing everyone to the table of this scene was not without reservations.

It is eerie how much the goblins look like what I had pictured in my mind. They took into account goblin lifestyle and the plans I had for them in crafting their physical form. (Yes, we will see more goblins!)

But Magda is a unique character and I debated if I even wanted a picture of her. She is, after all, an unknown, a foundling. All we get of her as a description is that she has brown hair, brown eyes, skin somewhat dark, and is some version of beautiful (at least before this scene plays out). I left her description in the book intentionally vague. I wanted her to look different to everyone who imagined her. The idea of her is that she could be the reader's child.

I tried to give The Brass Glass as much artistic freedom as possible with the work, to let their vision be a part of the making. They did not disappoint and their incredible imagination brought Magda to life. But I want you, as readers, to know that if your Magda looks different in your head, that is what you should stick with. Maybe she is mixed race. Maybe she came from another continent and was found on a boat blown off course. Maybe the 'parents' in the carriage were not even her real parents. Ideally, I would like every rendition of Magda to be different. Never do I want someone to say 'That is not what Magda looks like'. She is a piece of you, your door into the world of Lennamore, and through her, you belong.

I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to The Brass Glass and my greatest of thanks for their excellent work. Check out their website and see their other great work.


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