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  • C.M. O'Slatara

The Best thing in life

Yesterday, I spent time with all five of my children. Yes, you read that right. I have five children, spanning three different generations. They are all unique in their own way, but it is interesting to see the similarities. It is almost like a rhyme scheme #1 and #3 are very similar and #2 and #4 are also very similar while #5 is like a timpani in a drum circle-- a rhythm all her own.

There is something extremely comforting in having them all in the same place, to know they are all ok, to see their smiles all at once. It is like there is an anxiety swirling in me as a parent, a worry that can only be calmed when I can see for myself that my children are content. It doesn't matter how old they get. There is nothing I could want more than that. That is my need.

I call myself a hearth keeper-- I tend to the domestic needs of my family. I cook meals and mend clothes and buy presents and decorate for parties. I check in on people and play with children. I tend the garden and make jelly to capture the summer sun for winter toast. I look after those needs for my family and I am paid by having my family prosper. Don't get me wrong-- there were so many things that tried to tear us down in recent years-- the pandemic, alcoholism, anxiety, looming foreclosure, the death of my husband, but somehow we made it to the other side-- like crossing a river in spring to get to a better place. We all made it. We are all ok. And nothing could be better.


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