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  • C.M. O'Slatara

Walking in the winter woods

It's been a hard few days, I won't shy away from saying that. Losing the Ireland trip has been hard. The recent cold weather has been hard. The unknowable future has been hard. So, I took a walk.

The woods was different than the last time I visited. Trees were down from a recent storm. The ground was frozen-- hard and crunching beneath my feet. It was quieter than usual, save for a hawk that alerted everything to my presence as I went bumbling around looking for cool rocks.

But I needed it. I needed the solitude and to reconnect with the rhythm of the forest, to remember that I was part of something larger than myself. It is one of the few things that stops my mind from racing because I can just--- be. And it gives me the strength to carry on.

In this increasingly hyper-connected world, we are oddly becoming more isolated. Communities are a thing of the past. Friendships dwindle down to likes. Anxiety fizzles like soda pop in our veins. But being in nature-- seeing the sun set and the stars awaken, letting wind and water tangle in your hair, walking between the smell of green moss and brown decay in a forest-- it can reset your spirit. It's like going home. And when you are home, your spirit can find rest.


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18 de jan. de 2023

For you, my friend, I wish you peace, the type that sets your soul to rest. I know things have been rough for you; I wish I can offer more than a listening ear and a soft shoulder to lean on. I'm glad The Woods is a place you can find some peace and become grounded again.

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